Our House beers are freshly batch brewed onsite,
with recipes featuring local ingredients and traditional processes.

Our Guest beers and cider taps feature a regularly changing selection of independent
artisanal producers from across the country.

Our Pizzas are hand stretched and cooked in a wood fired oven, these pizzas are thin crust and with limited premium toppings. Burgers are pressed in-house, and our kitchen is constantly innovating new and refreshing dishes.

So, come on in, grab a beverage and a bite to eat, mingle and enjoy.

brew /bru:/

To make (beer) by soaking, boiling, and fermentation.

synonyms: ferment, make "this beer is brewed in Palmy"


union /ˈjuːnjən,ˈjuːnjɪən/ 

The action of joining together or the fact of being joined together

synonyms: unification, uniting, joining, fusion, amalgamating, junction, 

 combination, federation, blend, mingling, commingling; informal mash-up