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Brew Union Brewing Co, co-founded by Murray Cleghorn and Jules Grace, opened its doors on March 10, 2017. Our journey to this point has been a diverse one, with careers spanning the realms of QSR, small businesses, brewing, and banking. Yet, amidst these diverse paths, our shared passion for fresh, flavourful beer has remained a constant.


Our inspiration took root during visits to the US Pacific Northwest and, the numerous exceptional breweries, bars and brew pubs of Oregon. These experiences solidified our vision for the kind of beer we wanted to brew and the community we wanted to create. What struck us most was the sense of togetherness in those places, and we were determined to bring that same spirit to our own venture. Originally, our concept was a small, gritty brewery on the city fringe—a "boneyard" of sorts—specializing in Hoppy Pacific Northwest and New Zealand beer styles, occasionally complemented by woodfired pizza. However, our journey took an unexpected turn when we stumbled upon our current location at 41 Broadway Avenue. This once-vacant, partly derelict inner-city site offered an exciting canvas for us to work with. The space accommodates up to 300 people, and alongside a bigger space is a bigger menu, yet our commitment to exceptional beer, food, and our core values remained unwavering.


At Brew Union, our mission is rooted in the celebration of authentic, delicious, locally brewed beers in a warm, inviting, and respectful environment that radiates good vibes. Authenticity is not just a word; it's the backbone of everything we do. Our brewery, for instance, adheres to classic batch infusion mashing processes, focussing on locally sourced grain and hops. We've used reclaimed timber on our walls and tables, sourcing Matai sarking from a former factory. The venue's character shines through the original exposed bricks and trusses, creating the stunning setting we have today. Our commitment to authenticity extends to our culinary offerings as well. We hand-stretch our cold-fermented pizzas and bake them in a wood-fired, gas-assisted oven. Our burgers are hand-pressed, ensuring that every bite is a taste of perfection.


When it comes to our beverage selection, we take pride in curating a range that highlights independent producers and unique flavours, because we believe in supporting those who share our commitment to quality. But, in the end, all of this would mean very little without the incredible team of individuals who stand behind Brew Union. We are immensely proud and grateful to work alongside a crew of passionate, hardworking, and authentic people who bring our vision to life every day.

So come on in, kick back and enjoy a beer... Cheers!


Jules and Murray.

brew /bru:/

To make (beer) by soaking, boiling, and fermentation.

synonyms: ferment, make "this beer is brewed in Palmy"


union /ˈjuːnjən,ˈjuːnjɪən/ 

The action of joining together or the fact of being joined together

synonyms: unification, uniting, joining, fusion, amalgamating, junction, 

 combination, federation, blend, mingling, commingling; informal mash-up

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